Epicenter of Destiny

“Ecstatic”...accurately describes the current sensations and emotions for a drastically increasing number of believers.

Capsized in the epicenter of the euphoric sea, we‘re interpretively experiencing nature‘s persistent waves in a perfect storm of grace. Conscience and subconscious revelations procure radically obedient truths, enhancing suppressively possessed contributions to break through realms. Unbounded possibilities rapidly expand limitlessly. Once prominent, delusions of drear, gradually dissolve into a gentle Déja vu of absolution. An all encompassing foreseen force, forgoing fear, fuels us forward. Inspired commands sprout inevitable truths manifesting a childlike imaginative dominion. 

The promised fulfillment movement breaks through Minneapolis, the surrounding metropolitan neighborhoods, North America, and all the nations. Perpetual existence, awaiting and secure, maintains firmly rooted. Distantly, defiant veils cloak, as our awakening presence endures. Lovingly unified and righteous, we illuminate every moment by every deed, prayer, and luminescent smile. Honorably accepting our call to walk prophetically amongst our founded faith, we emit transparent truth with respect and courteous authority. 

Embraced harmonically in an overflowing temporal existence, we spiritually increase amidst unprecedented transformative  miraculousness. 

-Brandon Bomberg


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It happens for a reason

Ronald's mother taught him this well.

Born: Oct 08, 1927 · Portland, OR Died: Jan 08, 1956 ·


"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose"

Jim Eliot